Hustwaite Butcher develop artefacts for better living. Embodied in the work is a playfulness in engineering and outlook.

Products and services available by direct commission or licensing include:

  • Product Design: Developing customised furniture
  • Custom Systems: Prototyping for production,

and, because we're based in Melbourne, there has to be coffee...

  • Coffee Destoners: Collaborating with Melbourne based 'Roast IQ', these machines clean beans, ensuring worry free coffee grinding.


Artist: Andrew Hustwaite, 2017

Chandon Australia


Andrew Hustwaite - Contraptions and Commissions

studioButcher - Product Design


Chamber Presents - Project Space

Pier Carthew - Photography

Roast IQRoasting Intelligence for the Specialty Roaster

Documentary Inspiration

Maison de Verre

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